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WWCA Bylaws were designed to ensure fairness in proceedings.

Article I. 

Association Name:


The name of this association shall be the Waycroft-Woodlawn Civic Association

Article II.



The objectives of this association shall be to preserve, enhance, and plan for the orderly
development of this neighborhood and to promote the general welfare, safety, and civic
spirit of this community. The organization shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian in
character and shall be guided in its work by overall community interests.

Article III.



Section A. Any person at least 18 years of age, who owns real estate or resides within the
boundaries described in Section C is eligible for membership.

Section B. The membership year shall be from July 1 through June 30. Dues shall be
$10 per year per household.

Section C. The Waycroft-Woodlawn neighborhood’s boundaries are governed by the
Arlington County Civic Federation and maintained by Arlington County staff on its
Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS is the official guidance for any
boundary issue. The following boundary description is for informational purposes only:
The boundaries are North-South - 17th Road N. (both sides) to I-66; East-West – Glebe
Road to George Mason Drive.

Article IV.



President - The President chairs general meetings and represents the Association to
external bodies. The President’s goals should be presented to the Executive Board along
with nominations for committee chairs, up to four delegates and four alternates to the
Arlington County Civic Federation, and a delegate and alternate to the Neighborhood
Conservation Advisory Committee. The President prepares agenda items for discussion,
review, or action by the Executive Board. The President may delegate any of these duties
and responsibilities.

Vice President - The Vice President provides general assistance to the President of the
Association and presides at meetings in the absence of the President.

Treasurer - The Treasurer maintains the association’s fiscal accounting, manages funds in
accordance with association practices, pays bills, and provides a monthly report of
association funds to the Executive Board. The Treasurer will prepare the annual budget
for the August Executive Meeting.

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for maintaining a written summary (minutes) of
executive board and general meetings. The secretary is also responsible for maintaining
an archive of Association documents.

Article V.

Executive Board:

Section A. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Association, the
delegates, and the immediate past president. A majority of Board members shall
constitute a quorum for doing business.

Section B. Committee Chairs
Committee chairs are appointed at the last Executive Board meeting of the fiscal
year. The chairs will provide the Executive Board with a short written summary of objectives
for the coming year at the August meeting.


Section C. Expenditures
The Executive Board may, outside of the annual budget, expend up to two hundred
fifty dollars ($250) without additional approvals. Additional expenditures are to be itemized
and presented, with other financial data, to the general membership in the monthly
treasurer’s report.

Article VI.

Elections and Terms of Office:

Section A. Elections shall be held at the general meeting in May.

Section B. A nominating committee of at least three (3) members shall be nominated
from the floor and elected at the March general meeting. The list of the committees’
nominees shall be provided to all members at least one week prior to the May meeting.
Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the May meeting; provided the
nominee has agreed to serve in the position.

Section C. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot, a plurality of members present
and voting being sufficient to elect.


Section D. Terms of office shall be for two years. The President may not serve more
than two successive terms. Beginning in 2016, the officers and four delegates are elected
in the even years and the other four delegates are elected in odd years. If an office or
delegate position is vacated, a special election will be held as soon as possible to fill the
office or position for the remainder of the term.

Article VII.


Section A. General meetings shall be held every other month from October through May
on the second Tuesday evening of the month unless decided otherwise at a previous general
meeting or by the executive board.

Section B. Quorum
At any regular meeting of the association, members present shall constitute a quorum for
the transaction of any and all business.

Section C. The Executive Board shall meet at least every other month from September
through June.

Article VIII.


Section A. Standing Committees

1. Membership - conducts the annual membership drive, receives dues for deposit by the
Treasurer, and maintains the membership roster and indications of interests of individual

2. Newsletter - responsible for writing, publishing, and distributing notices to the
association’s membership. The newsletter serves as the official written voice of the
Association and provides objective and nonpartisan description of association activities.
The Newsletter includes items of interest, activity calendars, and Board meeting minutes.
The draft newsletter is reviewed and approved by the President.

3. Programs - responsible for developing and scheduling themes and speakers for general
meetings and for special events such as Fourth of July and Christmas programs. The
committee also arranges meeting sites and required County use permits.

Section B. Ad Hoc Committees
The general membership or Executive Board may vote to form ad hoc committees to
accomplish specific objectives. The charter for ad hoc committees shall last for one year;
unless the general membership or Executive Board votes to continue them.

Article IX.


An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed, read, and accepted for consideration at
any general meeting of the association. The adoption of such amendment shall be by a
two-thirds vote of members in good standing, present and voting, at the next general

Article X.

Rules of Order:

Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, in its most recent edition, shall be the standard
parliamentary authority for this association.

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